Preorders ready for Valentine's Day

Guess what? A16 is celebrating our 17th Anniversary on the same day as Valentine’s Day! Whether roses and chocolates are your thing or not, this has always been one of our favorite holidays because it gives us a time to look back at what things were like when we opened back in 2004. Does anyone remember our foosball table?

With that in mind, we're going all out and creating a very special menu & specialty items for take-away & delivery. Make your Valentine’s Day order an all-inclusive experience by adding a special confections tin, truffles, wine, and -- yes -- flowers! We're a one-stop shop.

Here's how: Go to our toast menu for SF here or our toast menu for OAK here and scroll to the Valentines day menu preorder box. Also scroll through for add-ons (like flowers). Blood orange salad, margherita pizza, burrata, it's all there....

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