A16 is coming to Boonville!

There is so much exploring to do right here in our backyard of Northern California, so we are wildly excited to share in the bounty of this special place!

Beginning Labor Day weekend, A16 will be popping up in Boonville, Calif., serving up our classic Southern Italian fare. We can't wait to introduce you to the incredible farmers, cheesemakers, vintners, brewers, and artisans we'll be highlighting through September and October. Reserve a garden table or stop by for a quick spritz and some provisions as you pass through the valley on your getaway.

This coming weekend, we'll be partnering with Anderson Valley's Minus Tide winery + throwing a pepper party, featuring peppers on the menu in every which way. (Boonville's Bucket Ranch is home to the largest domestic production of Piment d'Ville chiles!)

Inaugural weekend:

-A16 is firing up the pizza ovens and kitchen in a sweet little spot just across the street from the Boonville Hotel.

-Seated diners will enjoy a 4-course menu by reserving their table through our ticketing system, Tock.

-Wine pairings + bottle and glass selections will be offered, featuring Mendocino and Italian favorites.

-Walk-in guests are invited to enjoy a casual spritz, beer, glass of wine or snacks on the patio + provisions to go!

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