fiore di capalbio (buffalo, tuscany) summer fruit, fig jam, sesame cracker, panforte  12 

fig torta marsala, cardamom, almond brittle gelato  10
corn panna cotta plum sauce, blackberry sorbet, cornmeal shortbread  10
roasted peaches rice pudding, blueberry compote, amaretti  10
TCHO chocolate mousse: hazelnut torte, strawberry, basil  10
cookies and biscotti  5|8
house made gelato or sorbetto + pizzelle  4|7|9



french press  5
espresso  4

americano  4 

macchiato  4
cappuccino  5
latte  6

caffè corretto with grappa  10


teance hot teas       6 ea

lavender mint (herbal) france

mt. olympus flowers (herbal) greece

buckwheat (herbal) china

jasmine silver needle (white) china

fujian (green) china

darjeeling first flush (black) india

tieguanyin ‘monkey picked’ (oolong) china